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Why Europe is the Place to Go



The current economic climate in the UK is sketchy; with the Brexit decision it is difficult to predict how things will be in the jobs market here in a few years’ time, which is why many people are looking abroad to see if there are better prospects in other European markets. Some people believe that countries that remain in the Eurozone offer the best prospects – others disagree – but whatever your situation, sometimes a change is a good as a rest! If you are feeling that you should be achieving more than you are, or perhaps you simply fancy working abroad, why not look for a job elsewhere in Europe?

Germany has a thriving jobs market at the moment, with positions available in many different industries and commercial entities, and a great number of British professionals work there already. You may find that the dream job you have been searching for is not in the UK, so we recommend you check out StepStone, the leading European job search app, for more information on what is available. We will talk more about it and how it works in a few moments, but first, let’s talk about why Germany might be the place to go.

Why Germany?

When looking for new careers in Germany apps like this are a great help, because they narrow down the available options and help you build a shortlist of suitable positions. StepStone works by taking your details and matching them to suitable jobs, so you get information on the ones that are in your chosen field. You register your details – it’s simple and takes only a few minutes – and upload a cv. We recommend that, as this is a competitive market for jobs, you have a new one created in order to make sure you have the best shot. Once done, you can browse the available positions, and you also get regular emails of the latest jobs.

One thing you will appreciate is that you also get the use of a salary tracker, so you can keep an eye on how much you can expect to be paid. It’s a very useful feature that helps a lot, and will also show you whether you will be better off working in Germany, or remaining in the UK. All information on the site is in both German and English, so you can forget any ideas about language problems (although clearly you will need some proficiency in German to work there).

Germany has undergone much development in recent years, and the cities are now a charming mix of the modern and the old, and are notably clean. There is an efficient transport infrastructure, and they are looking for candidates in varied fields, with positions available in everything from law to nursing, through management and architecture. Whatever field you are in, check out for further information, to register your details, and you may soon be on an exciting journey to a lucrative future abroad.

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