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Returning to work – your options for childcare

Getting back to work after having your baby can be a hard decision and can also take a toll on you emotionally. For one to get back into regular work mode it is important that a parent find the right type of childcare provider. Ideally you will want someone that you can trust to help you make this important transition. All moms want this process to be seamless, smooth and stress free.

Here is a list of options that are available to you.

FAMILY – People close to you as in family members, siblings and grandparents are usually the best option when it comes to the issue of child care. Selecting this type of child care is very reassuring more so because you are sure that your child is with someone that you know well and relate to. It is also much easier to trust members of your family than a complete stranger.

NANNIES – Nannies are also a very good option since they come to your home to help you take care of your child. That is an advantage because your child does not have to be taken away from an environment they are used to. The nanny option works well because they give your child one on one attention. They can also take your child to child play groups thereby exposing them to the playful side as well. Apart from taking care and watching over your child, nannies also handle all other house related issues like cleaning the baby’s room, cooking for them or doing their laundry.

Much as there are no strict qualifications for becoming a nanny, most of them have certification in child care, it is therefore important that you choose only the best option after carrying out a number of interviews. Choose the one that meets your family’s expectations as well as yours. Ensure that the nanny you choose matches the personality of your family.
Choosing this option is often expensive and it is better to have a live in nanny with whom you can share your home with. When you work this way you have employed them and you need to ensure that you look into their tax and insurance matters. Nannies will cost you between $250 to $500 for every week.

CHILD MINDERS – This type of child care involves leaving your child with them. That means that they look after your child from their home. Often, child minders have to meet qualifications in first aid and child care and are subjected to Criminal Record Bureau checks. Their homes are also often inspected for safety before they are registered as child minders.
They are able to take care of up to six children at one go but out of those six just three should be under 5 years of age. That means that your child still gets that one on one attention that they need at that tender age.
In most cases, child minders work 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday but they can also be flexible depending on a parents needs. They charge fees ranging from $2.50 to $7.50 for every hour.

DAY CARE NURSERIES – These are usually regulated by the Government and take care of children of as young as 6 weeks. Most of them give care to children who are 6 months of age and above. Some employers operate a nursery within the organization and that makes it even better for a parent since they can investigate what services such a nursery offers.
Nurseries can handle 20 to 100 children and this allows your child to interact with other children at the nursery.
They charge $175 for every week but these amounts vary depending on location.

When should one start looking for child care options?
It is best to start the research early, like during ones pregnancy. That way you give yourself enough time to weigh your options and make an informed decision. All good nurseries usually have a long waiting list so if that is the method you want to choose you would have to make an application early and that way you secure your spot way in advance.

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