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How to get the best out of eBay

Ebay is now a mammoth site and there are millions of items either being auctioned or directly for sale at any one time and from all corners of the globe. The majority of users still use eBay to bid for goods they want but there are some great tricks to get amazing bargains.


One way to find bargains is to take advantage of the spelling error of the seller. Items with spelling mistakes in the listing attract far fewer bids because buyers are searching for the correct spelling. You can use some online tools though to hunt these bargains out though; these include Goofbid and Baycrazy.

If you’re setting up home for the first time, furnishing it even through second hand stores can leave a huge hole in your pocket. Locally advertised, large homeware items on eBay such as chairs and sofas are often super cheap because they can’t be posted and so have to be picked up. This narrows the market considerably and you can find just about any piece of furnishing you could ever think you’ll need for literally a few pounds. Even larger electrical items can be rock bottom prices if you’re willing to buy older models – you can pick up an old style  deep-backed CRT 26 inch television for pennies because they are seen as ‘old fashioned’ when in reality there is nothing wrong with them other than the style being deemed not stylish enough anymore.

If you are setting up home at the moment, you’ll know that it’s a big expense along with all the bills that start to arrive. If you find you are hit with an unexpected bill just after you move, a small loan from a payday loan lender could ease the way to your next pay day as you carry on unpacking the boxes. At, compare several payday loans direct lenders to find one which suits your circumstances the best.

There are often times when a seller will list an item at 99p to ensure the cheapest selling fee even though it’s got a high price tag attached to it. They are hoping that a bidding war will start because it’s so cheap but there are many times when this does not happen because so many other sellers are now doing the same thing. Use an app such as Last Minute Auctions which searches for items ending in under an hour with a current price of £1 or less to find some items you are looking for or to buy inexpensive gifts to store away for birthdays and Christmas.

Other tricks to bagging a bargain include using a sniping tool to bid at the last second, look for auctions closing in the early hours of the morning and look at global sellers for items which often have free postage; this is particularly common for items coming from China and Hong Kong.

Buying from eBay is great fun but don’t enter into a bidding war just to find you’ve overpaid because you refused to back down on something you really want. There’ll always be another one just like it, so see it as a fun experience to get everything you want and still have money in the bank because of your clever bidding tactics.

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