Is Time Running Out For PPI Claims

Payment protection insurance is one of the UK’s most mis-sold insurance policies. Most banks sell borrowers insurance they don’t want in the end, keeping the accrued amounts even if the clients don’t approve of it. Under the law, every person who was wrongfully charged for PPI deserves his or her money back, according to the Consumer Finance Claims departments. However, ... Read More »

Business Tips: Four ways to save money

In these tough economic times it’s even more important than ever for businesses to find ways of cost-saving. Whether it’s large businesses looking to streamline their processes, or smaller, more agile businesses rethinking their whole business model, businesses need to consider these things constantly in order to survive. Introduce remote & flexible working Due to the Olympic Games taking place ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About IVA

When it comes choosing IVA companies, it is important to to look at a few essential aspects. Before getting into the pro’s and con’s, it is useful for you to know about the basic details of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. IVA is a debt solution that offers necessary support to the people struggling with debt repayment. It allows them to ... Read More »

How to make your cash go further on holiday

After taking pains to save up enough holiday cash the last thing you want to do is let it dribble away on unnecessary expenses. There are so many costly pitfalls for travellers, which will cause the precious travel money to slowly disappear. However this checklist outlines ways you can avoid spending cash on extraneous costs so your money will stretch ... Read More »

Costing out your home insurance

When you’re getting close to renewal time for your home insurance, it’s always worthwhile getting a few different quotes to make sure that you are still paying the lowest possible price for the cover you want or need. When you get contents or building insurance quotes, check with the insurance company whether anything on the quote is an additional option ... Read More »

Credit card security: How to stay safe abroad

If you’re an avid traveller, you’ll know that it can be better to apply for a credit card online than to carry a lot of cash around with you on your trip. The right bit of plastic will allow you to make a wide range of purchases safely, but you must look after it with care while you’re abroad. Fraudsters ... Read More »

Getting help with debt

There’s a great deal of stress that is a part of the burden of having unpaid debts. Many people who are in debt find it difficult to start paying off their debts as the amounts seem too great to ever hope that they will be clear of them. However, the worst thing a person in debt can do is to ... Read More »

Adjusting Your Budget when having time off work

Adjusting Your Budget Having a work accident can wreak havoc on your finances. This is because you’re likely to take a pay cut because you can’t work, and you may have additional expenses related to your health care. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the changes happening to your budget, keep reading for a simple approach to staying financially afloat ... Read More »

DIY Christmas

Is the holiday season stressing you out? There’s just so much to do – shopping, gift-wrapping, going to parties, throwing parties, cooking, and cleaning up after everyone. But don’t stress. There are some ways that you can cut corners without anybody noticing. Reclaim your life today and use these Christmas hacks to save you time and money. Use Newspaper for ... Read More »

PayDay Loans: What are they and how do they work?

Payday loans are loans that you can receive from a payday loan company to help you cater to your emergency bills until such a time when you can receive your next paycheck. These loans are very handy because they are simple to access you will only be required to give the basic financial information before getting access to your cash. ... Read More »

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