Home insurance for artists

Many artists will dream of having a home studio in their house that they can slip into at any time to work on making their creative vision a reality. This is now possible for many of us and if you have a large enough budget you can create a studio from scratch that you can work in for many years. ... Read More »

Why saving now will benefit you in later years

With employment levels at an all time low and the economic climate on a downward path, now is the time to think about saving for your future. At a younger age, you may be more than happy to brave the ice-cold winters without central heating, buy the cast-offs at the local supermarket or walk for miles on end instead of ... Read More »

Top 10 apps for organising your financial life

If you’re like most of us, you spend a significant amount of time thinking about money—your earnings, your commitments, your savings, gifts you’d like to buy, holidays you’d like to take, debts you’d like to get out from under. You probably carry a smartphone, too. Instead of playing Angry Birds, why not use your idle time to manage your personal ... Read More »

Diamond values – how much can be borrowed against a diamond and what elements will be considered upon valuation?

While lots of people may consider cashing in some of their assets when they need to free up more money, selling diamonds is usually the last thing on their mind. This type of jewellery almost always has a high sentimental value and the thought of never seeing it again can be devastating. Besides, depending on current fashions, buyer preferences and ... Read More »

How to afford vital home improvements

In today’s financial climate, it’s no secret that many individuals are finding it hard to generate extra cash flow. With few available jobs, higher living costs and pricey mortgage repayments to contend with, it’s no wonder people are short of cash. People from all walks of life will find that, after all monthly outgoings have left their account, they have ... Read More »

Industrial accidents – financial detriments

“Worker injured in industrial accident.” “Industrial accident claims worker’s life.” Unfortunately, tragic headlines like these are all too common in the news, and their effects are far-reaching. Employees, their families, employers and the economy all suffer the consequences of industrial accidents; workplace accidents and injuries not only alter a victim’s life, but they carry significant financial ramifications. Although the number ... Read More »

Forex and Personal Finance: How to Thrive as a Part-Time Trader

In previous generations, the financial markets were only accessible to industry professionals and large corporations. This has changed in recent times, however, thanks largely to the application of technological innovation and advancement. As a result of this, it is now possible for aspiring traders to operate on an independent, part-time basis, without compromising on their ability to work and earn ... Read More »

How to Predict Currency Price Movements

If, like many people who are looking for ways to earn extra money or work from home, you’ve come across forex, then you’re probably wondering how it is that traders can predict whether currency prices are going to move up or down. In reality, this isn’t an easy thing to do; if it was, everyone would be able to profit ... Read More »

Having cash flow problems: some useful tip

In today’s economic climate, it’s no secret that many people are struggling to make ends meet.  High energy costs, the sky-rocketing of prices for essential items like food and clothing and spiralling university fees are catching people from all walks of life in the economic squeeze. With all this on top of stagnant incomes, often there’s little, if anything at ... Read More »

An Introduction to Forex

While many people are looking to tighten their belts in the current economic crisis, there are others who are pursuing an alternative route; they are making additional money. One of the most popular methods of earning when you’re not at work is by trading on the forex markets. You may or may not have heard of forex, but all it ... Read More »

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