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How to make your cash go further on holiday

After taking pains to save up enough holiday cash the last thing you want to do is let it dribble away on unnecessary expenses. There are so many costly pitfalls for travellers, which will cause the precious travel money to slowly disappear. However this checklist outlines ways you can avoid spending cash on extraneous costs so your money will stretch further.


Don’t buy cash at the airport

This is the best way to begin your holiday with less cash to spend. You will get a poor exchange rate and could pay steep commission charges. The best way forward is to order tor holiday money direct to your home; this is the cheapest way to exchange.

Fill your tank up

Driving holidays can be some of the best with the freedom of the road at your finger tips but there a few things to be wary of first. Car hire small prints can contain many ugly surprises. You will usually be required to fill up the tank when your return the car or pay seriously painful charges. Whatever you do fill up the tank before you drop the car off and as you drive out of the firm try and spot a handy gas station for your return.

Don’t be fooled by car cover scams

Rental companies can charge excess when a driver has an accident and offer to lower this only to bump up your bill. Many companies offer extra unnecessary insurance so make sure you don’t buy cover you already have. It is better to cover yourself before you go abroad and therefore as you arrive you will know you don’t need to purchase anything else and wont be caught out in a jet-lagged state.

Choose the right insurance

It is important to choose the correct insurance for your trip so compare travel insurance companies against each other. A few different companies will have a wide range of covers and prices so pick the best cover that will fit your trip down to a tee.

Don’t let shops convert your currency

Some shops, restaurants or cash machines will offer to convert your currency, say no. You will get a terrible exchange rate and lose out with this pointless transaction.

Don’t pick up the phone

A few calls made when you’re over seas can result in a stinging bill on your return. Either don’t use your mobile or arrange a bolt on deal, which will cut costs with your provider.

Pick your credit card wisely

Most cards set a foreign currency rate between 2.75% and 2.99% every time you make a transaction abroad. However you can avoid these charges, Santander’s zero credit card and others from Saga and the Post Office don’t have any foreign exchange fees.

Don’t draw out money on your credit card

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If you draw out you will be slammed with three separate charges; a hidden foreign currency charge, a cash withdrawal charge and interest from the day you make the transaction. The exception to the rule is Santander’s zero credit card, it has no foreign currency loading and doesn’t charge for cash withdrawals.


So this is not something you would try in Sainsburys but when in (for example), a marketplace in Turkey, it might not harm to barter a little. Prices are often whacked up because in certain countries bartering is the norm. Check the rules of where you will be staying and if it’s acceptable try your hand at knocking down the price.

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