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Having cash flow problems: some useful tip

In today’s economic climate, it’s no secret that many people are struggling to make ends meet.  High energy costs, the sky-rocketing of prices for essential items like food and clothing and spiralling university fees are catching people from all walks of life in the economic squeeze. With all this on top of stagnant incomes, often there’s little, if anything at all, left for luxuries and leisure activities. Here is some help and advice to help you weather the economic storm.


Safe ways to make quick cash

Recently there has been a huge increase in the number of companies and internet sites offering quick loans and lump sums. While these seem straight forward and hassle free, the problem is paying them back. Interest rates need to be considered and if you are finding it hard to manage your current outgoings, the burden of the added interest of your loan isn’t going to help in the long run.

There are safer ways of sorting out your current financial situation and giving yourself a little extra to play with. One option is to exercise patience and to save. However, this is only viable if what you’re looking for is extra money to play with and does not help if your immediate outgoings are mounting up against your income and you need quick to money to make ends meet.

All in the same boat

The sluggish economic climate is affecting us all and everyone is looking for ways to be more cost effective. What might seem like rubbish to you could be a gem to others. Obvious places to start are with your old video games, CDs, DVDs, books and electronics.

It’s because of this that the recycling of possessions for cash has become so popular. People are always looking to find second hand entertainment options – and if one of your CDs or books is out of print, you might have a mini-goldmine on your hands if sold to a collector.

Sell your items hassle free

Selling your unused items couldn’t be easier. Sites such as allow you to sell games online, as well as any unused CDs, DVDs, electronics and clothing hassle free. This particular site offers a free valuation service where you can check the value of the item before sending. Sending the item to them to sell will cost you nothing, meaning you get every penny of the valuation.

Unlike with internet auction sites where you have to manage your sales and send items to the buyer yourself, musicMagpie takes care of all of this. You get your lump sum when musicMagpie receive your item and nothing more needs to be done.

Selling items you no longer use will provide you with a cash lump sum that you can use to replace the old with the new, book that holiday or simply to pay bills or essential costs. And of course, you won’t have to worry about the burden of paying back and the interest associated with loans.

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