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DIY Christmas

Is the holiday season stressing you out? There’s just so much to do – shopping, gift-wrapping, going to parties, throwing parties, cooking, and cleaning up after everyone. But don’t stress. There are some ways that you can cut corners without anybody noticing. Reclaim your life today and use these Christmas hacks to save you time and money.

Use Newspaper for Wrapping Paper

In the past, this may have been a big announcement to the world that you’re cheap and disorganized, but not anymore. It’s actually become quite popular to wrap gifts with old newspaper, because it can be colorful and it’s thin so it rips easily. Extra points if you use the funny pages! Or for a slightly geekier variation, you can take notebook paper and doodle math equations all over it, making the perfect gift-wrap for your favorite nerd.

Send eCards

These days, mailing several cards can add up quickly. Instead, browse the internet for a thoughtful eCard that gets your message across without having to buy the postage. You can even take it one step further and create your own personal eCards out of digital photo memories from the past year. Just make sure to write a nice note as well to show that you put some thought into the cards.

Use Baked Goods as Gifts

Don’t have money to shop for an individual gift for each of your friends? Or, are you a little short on shopping time? Instead, bake a giant batch of cookies, wrap them artfully, and distribute them to your friends. Cookies are a great gift because they are tasty and how the recipient that you care. You can also use other homemade food items, like homemade jam, candies, and condiments that will make a nice treat for someone you care about.

Sell Last Year’s Gifts Online to Cover This Year’s Gifts

If you’re in need of money, you can the gifts you got last year into quick cash that you can use to buy gifts for this year. For instance, that iPhone 4 that you were so excited about last year? Yeah, it’s already obsolete. Or that game console you played for a bit and then stopped using? Both of these things can be easily sold online where you can get almost full price for them.

It’s very easy to sell stuff online for free. To start, look around your home for quality items that you don’t use anymore. The best items usually consist of electronics, good quality footwear and apparel, antiques, and even furniture and homeware. Make sure these items are in good condition in order to secure the best price. Then, do some research to find internet sites that specialize in selling the type of second hand items you wish to get rid of. Once you receive your cash, use it to buy gifts this year.

Christmas shouldn’t be a drag. Use these helpful tips to cut down on holiday stress this year!

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