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5 Tips to Save on Cosmetics

How often do you find yourself going in to the bathroom for one thing, having a rummage around in the cabinet and finding lippy, makeup and skin products that you completely forgot you owned but are now out of date? (Yes beauty products have a best by; it’s the picture of a tub on the back with a number in months). If you’re like me and have lip balms found behind sofas, fragrances squeezed for their life to get every last drop out or a toothpaste tube that has been wrapped around itself more than a contortionist, you’ll be keen to save as much as possible on cosmetics.

So how can you save money and still have all the products that make you look and feel good? Here are 5 easy to use tips.

Tip 1: Subscribe and save

Did you know that you can get new makeup and hair products delivered to your door every month? And did you know you’ll use the whole thing every time. There are now companies that send monthly packages full with sample sized versions of the things you’d always skirt around buying when in Boots or Superdrug. The prime example is Birchbox who send a themed box out every month that will have five “beauty treats” inside.

These are usually small serums or gels but there will always be one or two items that are full sized (like a crayon lipstick or eye shadow) and will be a HUGE saving on what it would cost on the high street.

Tip 2: Find local deals

How many times have you woken up after a big night out and felt your eyes are nearly impossible to open because you bought cheap lashes you forgot to take off properly? If you’re foul of this happening a lot, then you need to get some semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Having a quick search online for eyelash extensions will help you find deals that local salons have where a professional therapist can do the job properly for you.

Tip3: Leave your basket

Are you a basket hoarder? Do you often throw a bunch of items in your basket on the ASOS or Topshop website and forget about them before getting an email a few days later? Well you’re accidentally helping save yourself money.

Most online retailers will send reminder emails to you after 1 day, 1 week and sometimes 1 month to try and get you back on site to buy your stuff. If you can play the waiting game, the higher the chances of receiving a good discount. This is especially true if you have a basket with a lot of items in it.

Tip 4: Ditch expensive wipes

Take a stroll in to your high street chemists and you’ll see that there is a massive price range for makeup and face wipes; everything from budget options all the way to 4-in-1 “wonder” wipes that promise perfect pores after every wipe. And while you might want to buy the big brand name because your skin deserves it, you should steer clear and just go for a cheap to mid-range wipe.

And don’t go using wipes daily either. The reason they’re good at lifting makeup is because they pull dirt and oils off your skin. You skin needs some level of oil on it or else it dries out your pores (and you end up using way too much moisturiser on a daily basis).

Tip 5: Buff with Brown Sugar

This last tip is a true money saver, especially if you like a bit of brown sugar in your tea. I used to use a very popular body scrub that cost £8 a tub. It wasn’t until reading up on it that I found out the main component (or should that be ingredient?) in the tub was brown sugar. After some important research (Thanks YouTube) I found you can make sugar scrubs at home just like in the video above that costs pretty much nothing.

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