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3 Tips To Help You Afford That New Phone You Want


We all know when it is time to buy a new phone – when the memory is fll, the battery is not working as well as it did and the handset itself looks painfully out of date.  The problem you now face though, I how are you going to afford a new phone.  Although a new mobile phone is by no means an inexpensive thing, there are a number of things you can do to make it much eaier to afford.

Sell Your Old Phone

The first place to look for finding the finances for affording a new phone is looking in your drawers and wardrobes to see what there is that you could sell.  I have always found that if I sell my mobile phone  I usually have a large percentage of the money to put towards a new one.  Even if it only gives you half the money, that is half the money for a new handset that was just sitting in your desk or drawer collecting dust.

Consider Buying A Second Hand Phone

Although it is nice to buy a brand spanking new mobile, if you could cope with owning a second hand phone so that you could afford to have a better model than your current or old one; this is a something you should consider.  Many people put relatively brand new and in great condition phone up for sale, for many different reasons.  So just because it is second hand, doesn;t mean you are going to throw money away on a piece of trash.

Work Out Your Priorities

The most effective thing you can do to ensure that you ccan afford a new mobile phone is to actually sit down and consider what you need and what you don’t need from a phone.  If having a good camera is a main priority, this will help you streamline your search somewhat.  Likewise, if you are only interested in having a phone to watch media on while you commute, you will be intereted in a phone with a large and clear screen.  By working out what you are looking for you can avoid paying for unnecessary features that you won’t ever use.

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