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Manage Your Money Better With These 5 Tips

Sometimes it might seem like managing your money can be a very complicated task filled with temptations to spend. In order to manage your money well, you simply have to learn to simplify the process and use the correct financial tool such as a Visa prepaid card to help keep your financial situation straightforward and easily trackable. Usually one of ... Read More »

5 Tips to Save on Cosmetics

How often do you find yourself going in to the bathroom for one thing, having a rummage around in the cabinet and finding lippy, makeup and skin products that you completely forgot you owned but are now out of date? (Yes beauty products have a best by; it’s the picture of a tub on the back with a number in ... Read More »

3 Tips To Help You Afford That New Phone You Want

We all know when it is time to buy a new phone – when the memory is fll, the battery is not working as well as it did and the handset itself looks painfully out of date.  The problem you now face though, I how are you going to afford a new phone.  Although a new mobile phone is by ... Read More »

Why saving now will benefit you in later years

With employment levels at an all time low and the economic climate on a downward path, now is the time to think about saving for your future. At a younger age, you may be more than happy to brave the ice-cold winters without central heating, buy the cast-offs at the local supermarket or walk for miles on end instead of ... Read More »

Top 10 apps for organising your financial life

If you’re like most of us, you spend a significant amount of time thinking about money—your earnings, your commitments, your savings, gifts you’d like to buy, holidays you’d like to take, debts you’d like to get out from under. You probably carry a smartphone, too. Instead of playing Angry Birds, why not use your idle time to manage your personal ... Read More »

Having cash flow problems: some useful tip

In today’s economic climate, it’s no secret that many people are struggling to make ends meet.  High energy costs, the sky-rocketing of prices for essential items like food and clothing and spiralling university fees are catching people from all walks of life in the economic squeeze. With all this on top of stagnant incomes, often there’s little, if anything at ... Read More »

Business Tips: Four ways to save money

In these tough economic times it’s even more important than ever for businesses to find ways of cost-saving. Whether it’s large businesses looking to streamline their processes, or smaller, more agile businesses rethinking their whole business model, businesses need to consider these things constantly in order to survive. Introduce remote & flexible working Due to the Olympic Games taking place ... Read More »

How to make your cash go further on holiday

After taking pains to save up enough holiday cash the last thing you want to do is let it dribble away on unnecessary expenses. There are so many costly pitfalls for travellers, which will cause the precious travel money to slowly disappear. However this checklist outlines ways you can avoid spending cash on extraneous costs so your money will stretch ... Read More »

DIY Christmas

Is the holiday season stressing you out? There’s just so much to do – shopping, gift-wrapping, going to parties, throwing parties, cooking, and cleaning up after everyone. But don’t stress. There are some ways that you can cut corners without anybody noticing. Reclaim your life today and use these Christmas hacks to save you time and money. Use Newspaper for ... Read More »

How credit scores are calculated

People, who have some idea about loans and interests, also understand how crucial credit scores are. No matter what kind of loan you plan to avail, be it a personal loan, a car loan, an educational loan or a home finance, your credit score or credit rating plays a vital role during loan approval and repayment period. Knowing the fact ... Read More »

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