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Buying Your Next Car

  More than three-quarters of all households in the UK own at least one car, according to Statista. In the same survey, 23% of households revealed that they owned two cars, and 7% three or more. In the course of a discussion on the RAC website, it emerged that the average British car owner bought nine different new or used cars ... Read More »

Loans for Opticians

Practically every business, from the independent SME to the multinational corporation, relies to a greater or lesser degree on borrowing to finance its operations – opticians are no exception. In addition to equity investment – by partners or shareholders – opticians, too, may raise the essential capital they need by long-term borrowing secured against the firm’s or partners’ personal assets ... Read More »

How to Buy a New Car

Buying a car might be quite a daunting prospect. Whether it is new or used, it is likely to involve the payment of a considerable sum. Since you are also likely to need some form of car finance to find those funds, you are going to be entering a relatively long-term financial arrangement. Independent car finance brokers There is a ... Read More »

Diamond values – how much can be borrowed against a diamond and what elements will be considered upon valuation?

While lots of people may consider cashing in some of their assets when they need to free up more money, selling diamonds is usually the last thing on their mind. This type of jewellery almost always has a high sentimental value and the thought of never seeing it again can be devastating. Besides, depending on current fashions, buyer preferences and ... Read More »

PayDay Loans: What are they and how do they work?

Payday loans are loans that you can receive from a payday loan company to help you cater to your emergency bills until such a time when you can receive your next paycheck. These loans are very handy because they are simple to access you will only be required to give the basic financial information before getting access to your cash. ... Read More »

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