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Getting Your Empty Property Through the Winter

  Winters tend to be taxing times for any property – storms, heavy rain, gusting winds, flooding, falling trees and branches, not to mention the ice or snow that may lead to burst pipes or worse. Combine all this with the added vulnerability of any property that is standing empty and unoccupied, and you may have the stuff of any ... Read More »

Do You Need Electric Van Insurance?

  What’s not to like about switching to an electric van for your business use? The appeal is likely to involve considerations such as: making your contribution to a friendlier environment in which CO2 emissions are considerably reduced – a display of social responsibility which is likely to go down well with your customers; grants are available for your purchase ... Read More »

How to find the best insurance policies for your household

Home insurance is an issue you can’t afford to neglect. It can be impossible to predict if and when disaster will strike your property and so it is prudent to be protected at all times just in case. After all, if you are affected by a fire, flood, burglary or other problem and you don’t have suitable cover in place, ... Read More »

How has George Osborne’s Spending Review impacted civil servants?

More than a month has elapsed since George Osborne’s Spending Review, and I think it’s fair to say that the dust still hasn’t quite settled – especially among civil servants. Cuts announced to public sector spending and, perhaps more pressing for employees, changes to pay have largely been met with criticism. Changes to pay Today, I’m going to focus on ... Read More »

Home insurance for artists

Many artists will dream of having a home studio in their house that they can slip into at any time to work on making their creative vision a reality. This is now possible for many of us and if you have a large enough budget you can create a studio from scratch that you can work in for many years. ... Read More »

Industrial accidents – financial detriments

“Worker injured in industrial accident.” “Industrial accident claims worker’s life.” Unfortunately, tragic headlines like these are all too common in the news, and their effects are far-reaching. Employees, their families, employers and the economy all suffer the consequences of industrial accidents; workplace accidents and injuries not only alter a victim’s life, but they carry significant financial ramifications. Although the number ... Read More »

Is Time Running Out For PPI Claims

Payment protection insurance is one of the UK’s most mis-sold insurance policies. Most banks sell borrowers insurance they don’t want in the end, keeping the accrued amounts even if the clients don’t approve of it. Under the law, every person who was wrongfully charged for PPI deserves his or her money back, according to the Consumer Finance Claims departments. However, ... Read More »

Costing out your home insurance

When you’re getting close to renewal time for your home insurance, it’s always worthwhile getting a few different quotes to make sure that you are still paying the lowest possible price for the cover you want or need. When you get contents or building insurance quotes, check with the insurance company whether anything on the quote is an additional option ... Read More »

The Reasons and Value of Proper Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance is usually something single people rarely think about. Rather, life insurance is for those left behind, members of a family that may have lost their support and the bread winner of their family. Every family has recurring expenses that need to be responsibly paid, even if the person who was making the payments is passed on, leaving others in ... Read More »

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