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What you need to know about Seven Day Switching

From the 16th September this year all UK current account customers have been able to switch current accounts between banks in seven days. The seven day switching scheme was introduced by the Payments Council and guarantees that consumers can switch between accounts in seven days in a bid to encourage more competition between a sector that is dominated by just ... Read More »

Looking forward: the secret to retirement

The later years of life are often described as the most fulfilling. It is a time where you say cheerio to the daily grind and can finally find time to focus on what is really important. However, just like any big step in life, preparation is the key. Retirement life can be enjoyed in countless ways, many of which will ... Read More »

The evolution of managing your personal finances

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live, especially when it comes to how we manage our personal finances. In the past, the bank, with its limited opening hours, was pretty much our only option. However, new developments mean that it is much easier for us to keep a track on our personal finances. Here’s how it’s changed. Mobile banking ... Read More »

Preparing for your Tax Return

Setting up as a limited company contractor often represents a significant change in lifestyle and usually results in a requirement to complete administrative tasks and paperwork, which is unlikely to be one of your core skills. However, the majority of contractors make this transition smoothly and soon get to grips with the additional requirements. Even the more complex areas such ... Read More »

How has George Osborne’s Spending Review impacted civil servants?

More than a month has elapsed since George Osborne’s Spending Review, and I think it’s fair to say that the dust still hasn’t quite settled – especially among civil servants. Cuts announced to public sector spending and, perhaps more pressing for employees, changes to pay have largely been met with criticism. Changes to pay Today, I’m going to focus on ... Read More »

Home insurance for artists

Many artists will dream of having a home studio in their house that they can slip into at any time to work on making their creative vision a reality. This is now possible for many of us and if you have a large enough budget you can create a studio from scratch that you can work in for many years. ... Read More »

Why saving now will benefit you in later years

With employment levels at an all time low and the economic climate on a downward path, now is the time to think about saving for your future. At a younger age, you may be more than happy to brave the ice-cold winters without central heating, buy the cast-offs at the local supermarket or walk for miles on end instead of ... Read More »

Top 10 apps for organising your financial life

If you’re like most of us, you spend a significant amount of time thinking about money—your earnings, your commitments, your savings, gifts you’d like to buy, holidays you’d like to take, debts you’d like to get out from under. You probably carry a smartphone, too. Instead of playing Angry Birds, why not use your idle time to manage your personal ... Read More »

Diamond values – how much can be borrowed against a diamond and what elements will be considered upon valuation?

While lots of people may consider cashing in some of their assets when they need to free up more money, selling diamonds is usually the last thing on their mind. This type of jewellery almost always has a high sentimental value and the thought of never seeing it again can be devastating. Besides, depending on current fashions, buyer preferences and ... Read More »

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