Growing Your Accounting Firm with Expertise

  The world of accounting is a lucrative one, as this is a necessary service that is required by every type of business, no matter how large or small. However, it is also one in which competition is rife, so you need to be on the ball if you want to expand your business. There are many rules and regulations ... Read More »

Buying Your Next Car

  More than three-quarters of all households in the UK own at least one car, according to Statista. In the same survey, 23% of households revealed that they owned two cars, and 7% three or more. In the course of a discussion on the RAC website, it emerged that the average British car owner bought nine different new or used cars ... Read More »

Getting Your Empty Property Through the Winter

  Winters tend to be taxing times for any property – storms, heavy rain, gusting winds, flooding, falling trees and branches, not to mention the ice or snow that may lead to burst pipes or worse. Combine all this with the added vulnerability of any property that is standing empty and unoccupied, and you may have the stuff of any ... Read More »

Virtual Receptionist Services LA

  Building up a business, no matter the area of commerce or industry you are in, can be expensive. This is especially so in areas where commercial premises are valued highly, such as in and around Los Angeles. If you run a smaller business, you will know that one of the keys to gaining new clients – and to keeping ... Read More »

What are the Best Companies to Invest in this Month?

  As ever, the market for investment of stocks, shares and bonds is growing larger and larger every year – it’s a great way to grow your funds, if you know what you’re doing. Building up a portfolio invested in promising, reliable companies is becoming an increasingly popular way of increasing wealth – this can be done personally, or through ... Read More »

How to Apply for Log Book Loans the Easy Way

Thankfully, the days of climbing into your best suit to visit your bank manager and going through the lengthy process of applying for a loan have long gone. These days, the internet has made it an extremely quick and easy process and if you have your own car, then log book loans are among the easiest to apply for.  At ... Read More »

Millions of euros from Russia to Britain, via Cyprus

Russian authorities ask through Interpol for details of the bank accounts and offshore companies of Russian tycoon Alexander Shchukin The activities of Russian oligarch Alexander Shchukin have thrown Cyprus into the whirlpool of international media. According to media reports, the Russian Authorities have asked, through Interpol, for details of Shchukin’s bank accounts and offshore companies, through which some €500 million ... Read More »

Loans for Opticians

Practically every business, from the independent SME to the multinational corporation, relies to a greater or lesser degree on borrowing to finance its operations – opticians are no exception. In addition to equity investment – by partners or shareholders – opticians, too, may raise the essential capital they need by long-term borrowing secured against the firm’s or partners’ personal assets ... Read More »

Why Europe is the Place to Go

    The current economic climate in the UK is sketchy; with the Brexit decision it is difficult to predict how things will be in the jobs market here in a few years’ time, which is why many people are looking abroad to see if there are better prospects in other European markets. Some people believe that countries that remain ... Read More »

Improved Point of Sale Solutions

  Running a business is a juggling act; there are so many different aspects that have to be attended to, and you can never be certain that you are running at optimum efficiency. One area that needs careful attention is that of how you take payments; are you already taking card payments? The fact remains that many businesses do not ... Read More »

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